Are you an operator looking for work? Do you have the relevant qualifications and experience? We are always looking for more operators for our operated plant work. 

We have a number of machines that we offer with operators including diggers, excavators, dumpers, Tractors, ADT's and more. 

All of our operators are reliable, punctual and can be trusted on site. 

If you would like to apply for some of our operated work, please send an email including your qualifications and relevant work experience to


Plant Hire you may be interested in...

  • 23.5T Excavator

    Our 23.5T Excavator range includes the new DX235LCR-5 which is fitted with a new and much larger cab and features extra ergonomics.

  • 21T Excavator

    Our 21T excavator range features Fully air-suspended operator station, Low-noise design, Adjustable idle Shutdown, Surround view system and Neutral Position detection system.

  • 9T Excavator

    Our 9T Excavator range includes a 52kW engine, Two speed travel, variable flow hydraulics, TOPS/FOPS cab, LED Lights and Factory fitted hydraulic hitch pipework. 

  • 6T Digger

    In our 6T Digger range we have the Takeuchi TB260 available to Hire. This machine has smooth hydraulics, powerful machine performance in a compact size. 

  • 10T Tracked Dumper.

    10T Tracked Dumper

    Our 10T tracked Dumpers is a versatile dumper to suit any site. The dumper has added torque and a powerful Cummins engine allowing you to conquer all types of terrain.