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Excavator Size & Model  Drilling Diameter Auger
Micro Excavators
750Kg to 1T
100 to 300mm 1,200
Mini Excavator
1T to 2.5T 
 100 to 400mm X2,000
Mini Excavator
1.5T to 3T
 100 to 500mm X2,500
Mini Excavator
2T to 4.5T 
 100 to 600mm 3,000 MAX
Mini Excavator
2.5T to 4.5T
 100 to 750mm 3,500 MAX
Mini Excavator
3T to 5T
 100 to 900mm 4,500 MAX
4.5T to 7T
 150 to 600mm 5,000
5T to 7T
 150 to 800mm 7,000
5T to 7T
 150 to 800mm 7,000 MAX
6T to 8T
 150 to 900mm 8,000

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