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Pressure? Not with our LGP Excavator

The challenges of working on soft or nature sensitive ground has always been a headache for the contractor as much as the client.  By utilising Low Ground Pressure (LGP) equipment many of the issues can be minimised.

Our standard 13 tonne excavators exert 0.37 kg per cm2, by utilising our 13 tonne LGP excavator a reduction of over 0.10 per cm2 can be achieved.  This not only minimises disruption to the ground conditions, but creates a safer working platform, allowing machinery to carry out duties to its full potential.

Low Ground Pressure Excavaotr

With the addition of a Tracked Dumper, sites utilising LGP equipment can maintain high productivity .


10 tonne Tracked Dumper

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Published by Lee Gansler on January 28, 2015 at 12:00 AM

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